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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a Legacy Edition Steel Pool?

With the durability that gunite and fiberglass can’t match, your luxury steel pool will withstand the toughest elements year after year.

What are the advantages of a Matrix polymer pool?

Your design is our creation. With the effortless craft of our polymer pool, every inch of your custom pool will fit your imagination and your budget. See more on the shape of your life.

Where can I buy an Imperial Pool?

Find the talent and expertise of a dealer in your area.

Can I see what my pool could look like before I buy?

Contact your nearest Imperial Pools dealer to see your visions come to life.

What liner options are available for my pool?

Our handcrafted quality, computer drafting precision, and beautifully designed vinyl liners are durable and resistant.

What shapes can I get my pool in?

With over 82 Legacy steel shapes and the extensive custom Matrix designs, your inground oasis can meet the size and appearance of your dreams. See all of the Legacy options or Matrix options.

Are there any special features I can choose to enhance my pool?

From waterfalls and deck jets to vanishing edges, you can add the perfect elegance to your design.

Is my pool covered by a warranty?

Our premium pools are built with beauty to last and backed by a lifetime warranty.

How long will it take to build my pool?

It can vary with the location, type of pool and options. Our dealers and certified builders will install your pool to meet every specification and standard of quality…and it could take less time than you think.

What steps should I take to ensure pool safety?

Although we will meet all safety regulations with your pool, it is always important to educate yourself and your family members on proper swim safety and knowledge, including supervision and keeping safety equipment on hand. Read more about recommended safety precautions.

Can I finance my new pool?

Your outdoor dreams can be achieved easier than you may think with our competitive financing options. Learn more about the possibilities.

What should I consider when buying a pool?

Enjoying family fun, staying physically fit, or enhancing the value of your home. These are some of the many reasons to consider bringing home the life you’ve always imagined.

How long has Imperial Pools been in business?

Beginning in 1959 we are the oldest and largest privately owned manufacturer in the Northeast, and our elegant quality and customer satisfaction is evidence of our experience. See more about our company.

Can the Whitewave Spillover spa go anyplace around the perimeter of my pool?

It really depends on the shape of the pool. For rectangles, the answer is yes. For freeforms, the answer is a qualified yes. The radius curves determine the most optimum position. See dealer for details.

Can my pool have a larger shallow end and smaller deep end?

Yes, for most shapes and sizes but pool specs must meet ANSI/APSP/ICC-5 2011 Specifications.

How many gallons of water in my pool?

Rectangle- Length X Width X Average depth X 7.8
Oval- Long Diameter X Short Diameter X Average depth x 5.9
Average depth: Deep end depth + shallow end depth/2 on most pools

GALLONAGE CHART: Pool Sizes and Water Capacities Approximate Gallonage

Rectangle Oval Roman End
12′ x 24′ – 7,850 16′ x 32′ – 15,850 16′ x 37′ – 17,850
14′ x 28′ – 10,450 18′ x 36′ – 19,250 18′ x 41′ – 22,150
16′ x 32′ – 17,550 20′ x 40′ – 25,200 20′ x 43′ – 26,100
16′ x 36′ – 18,800    
18′ x 36′ – 21,500    
20′ x 40′ – 28,000    

Kidney Mountain Pond Mountain Lake
15′ x 26′ – 8,650 18′ x 30′ – 11,250 20′ x 32′ – 11,050
16′ x 30′ – 11,900 20′ x 34′ – 17,700 21′ x 32′ – 13,400
16′ x 33′ – 16,900 22′ x 36′ – 20,100 21′ x 40′ – 17,950
18′ x 36′ – 18,650 24′ x 40′ – 24,800 23′ x 37′ – 20,000
20′ x 38′ – 20,600   23′ x 42′ – 22,300
    26′ x 40′ – 23,250
    24′ x 44′ – 24,200